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Who needs peanut butter?

A couple weeks ago, I bought a a huge container of organic raw sunflower seeds for the salad I wanted to make. Of course, the salad did not call for 2.55 lb of sunflower seeds… so needless to say, i have a ton of sunflower seeds left over! Because I know nothing about sunflower seeds, I wanted to know if they go bad, so I googled it. To my delight, I found an article about SUNBUTTER. I have heard of alternatives to peanut butter, like almond butter, but never SUNBUTTER! It seems relatively cheap and easy to make, so I thought I would share my discovery with you. If for some reason this isn’t actually a cool discovery and I have just been living in a basement for too long, don’t judge me… if you’re interested in a cheap, easy alternative, check out the recipe!

All you need is sunflower seeds, salt, sugar/honey/other sweetener that you prefer, and some olive oil! Why eat peanut butter with janky preservatives when you can eat your own homemade SUNBUTTER 🙂



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